Another method applied to restore beauty and revitalize the skin is the Obagi® Blue Peels. This product accelerates regeneration of cells and aids in the removal of dead cells. The Obagi Blue Peels method works best on skin types prone to conditions like blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, sun damage, acne, and so on. These chemical peels are used for those desiring faster results.

These peels use Trichloroacetic acid as the primary ingredient. A word of caution for those seeking Obagi< Blue Peels treatment - make sure you get treated by professionals. Applications of these chemical peels are decided after analyzing the skin type and the extent of skin damage. Professionals decide on the strength of the chemical mix based on the skin types. You have every right to ask the professional about the potential risks and complications involved in application of these peels. Obagi Blue Peels are best used in conjunction with the Obagi Nu Derm Skin Health system, and deliver best results in the form of a rejuvenated and healthy looking skin <– return to Facial Skin Treatment

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