Laser Treatment

Fraxel® Treatment

Fraxel Treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look.

Whether you have sun damage, wrinkles or other signs of age, Fraxel treatment delivers remarkable results with fast recovery. So you can quickly return to work or other activities with renewed skin and renewed confidence.

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Titan® Treatment

For a firmer, more youthful looking skin, reduction of wrinkles, stretch-marks, cellulite and scars. This treatment activates collagen formation resulting in a more youthful, tightened and toned appearance without enduring downtime.

For the serious candidate who wants to reverse the signs of aging lax skin through non-surgical means, Titan offers a safe effective alternative to traditional face lifts and tummy tucks.

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IPL Photo Rejuvenation

IPL treatment improves the appearance of photoaged skin, removes age spots (sun-induced freckles), most benign brown pigments, and redness caused by broken capillaries through a process called photorejuvenation for face and body. The process is ideal for patients with active lifestyles because the procedure requires no downtime and has a low risk of side effects.

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Laser Genesis

Laser skin rejuvenation stimulates your own collagen in the dermis to get rid of wrinkles, eliminate redness and vessels, make pore size smaller, help to eliminate pigmentation, can soften and improve scar tissue, and create a smoother skin with a more radiant. So turn back the hands of time with our treatments.

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Therapy uses a combination of vacuum and laser technology to help destroy acne causing bacteria. It is the only FDA system cleared to treat comedonal and pustular acne

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is uses a laser to eliminate unwanted hair A laser beam is passes through the skin to an individual hair, this damages the hair and makes it unable to grow again. This procedure might have to be done three to four times to get a permanent result.

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Laser Vein Removal

Laser/pulsed light systems are a non-invasive light therapy devices specifically designed to eliminate undesired blood vessels from all parts of the body. The laser generates a pulse of intense, concentrated light which is directed through a handpiece which is gently applied to the treatment site.

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